A Minion Excuses



So, wow. Sorry.

Ok, I kind of doubt anyone even noticed that I was missing, but (surprise) I was. I know that everyone’s busy and there’s no real excuse, but please give me a shot here.


I am a double major and in the honors program at my university. I am very studious, and pretty much all of my time is spent studying. However, I made the decision in January to join a sorority.


This sorority is made up of some wonderful girls who are every bit as “academically minded” (ugh how pretentious) as I am, so it has not really impacted my grades. However, this means that in my free time I have been spending more time with people and less time on the internet (say whaaaaa). In addition, I had to get a job to pay those sorority bills and I’m training for my half in July. So as you can imagine, I have a lot on my plate.

[I would like to note that I don't watch TV, read for fun, endlessly scroll tumblr, and only accessed Netflix once on Spring Break, so I really am strapped for free time, not just saying that]

I thought about deleting Classyville altogether, but I’m not going to do that quite yet.


I started this blog because I did not have a lot in common with people at my high school or home town. [note #2: not hating on my home town; it's awesome, I just didn't always fit in the best]. No one really wanted to talk about running and SNL and cross fit and literature and old movies. Now that I’m at college, a lot of people do, and I don’t need the blog as an outlet as much as I did. And it’s great. But, I will be spending the summer at home, without my friends living on the same floor. Also, I’m running my first half, and really want to be held accountable and have a record of my training. Also also, I will be spending my junior year (2015-16) abroad, and this seems like a much less obnoxious way to share my trip than Facebook. Also also also, I know I say it all the time, but I think blogging may be an effective tool for creating healthy habits.

images-1I know, right?


So, I exist, but, until finals are over, I probably won’t have a ton to post. Sorry for being *that* guy.


Hope the weather’s nice wherever you are.

Should I submit this? [constructive criticism appreciated]


Our literary magazine is taking submissions, and I might contribute this. I wrote it in 2.68 seconds, but I kind of like it. Thoughts?



I read The Bell Jar in one sitting.

I was in my childhood bedroom I had long out-grown,

stared down by horse figurines and old trophies.

CDs and books from every episode of life were around me.

In the closet puzzles and board games lined the shelves.

Formal gowns and Halloween costumes pressed against the closet door

Among others, a Disney princess and generic witch,

bored after their one night of fun years before.

A chronic overachiever;

Student council and a toothy smile;

Sports and show tunes and a boyfriend;

A’s and clothes and counting calories.

Free time was service

or drinking with tolerable peers in a field,

depending on the day.

I did not know what I was doing.

I still don’t.

I am staring at the fig tree

watching them fall;

I am trapped in a phone booth,

tangled in superman suits.

I did not cry

When I read the part with the figs

I was not sad or surprised at all.

It seemed perfectly rational.

To have so many

and so few options,

that the only real thing to do was to lie down.


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