Should I submit this? [constructive criticism appreciated]


Our literary magazine is taking submissions, and I might contribute this. I wrote it in 2.68 seconds, but I kind of like it. Thoughts?



I read The Bell Jar in one sitting.

I was in my childhood bedroom I had long out-grown,

stared down by horse figurines and old trophies.

CDs and books from every episode of life were around me.

In the closet puzzles and board games lined the shelves.

Formal gowns and Halloween costumes pressed against the closet door

Among others, a Disney princess and generic witch,

bored after their one night of fun years before.

A chronic overachiever;

Student council and a toothy smile;

Sports and show tunes and a boyfriend;

A’s and clothes and counting calories.

Free time was service

or drinking with tolerable peers in a field,

depending on the day.

I did not know what I was doing.

I still don’t.

I am staring at the fig tree

watching them fall;

I am trapped in a phone booth,

tangled in superman suits.

I did not cry

When I read the part with the figs

I was not sad or surprised at all.

It seemed perfectly rational.

To have so many

and so few options,

that the only real thing to do was to lie down.



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So…I joined a sorority? Did you see that coming? I didn’t.

I planned to go through rush in order to meet new people and had considered pledging, but then I fell in love with one group of girls and there was no question. Luckily they’re the “unsorority” sorority; they’re really casual, don’t fine, and are all about the studies. Perfect.

Anyway, I had to dress up every night of rush. The rule was no jeans, and get a little fancier every night. I like to dress up, but I was a little intimidated, and so I actually planned all of my outfits at the beginning of the week like the type-A lady I am.

photo 1

First night I kept it preppy! Chambray under a sweater with khakis=warm and business cas.

photo 2


Next night, brought to you by Jessica Day. If you can’t tell, the skirt is polka-dots and the tights are purple. I really love this outfit.

photo 3


I forgot to take a picture of my super simple navy dress the next night, but I got my sock bun!

photo 4


And the final night was this gem. Unfortunately this is the only photo that survived.

The week was filled and I actually did homework during the Super Bowl. The game sucked anyway, so no regrets there. However there were some highlights from the night:

photo 5


My favorite person in the world.

This week promises to be packed as well, and I’m taking on some more endeavors. Truthfully, I’m actually really afraid I won’t be able to handle it, that I’ll get overwhelmed. But only one way to find out I guess.



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