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This week I’m packing, procrastinating, and decorating projects. I move back to school Saturday, and I am equally anxious and excited about starting my sophomore year (Excited to see my friends and be back on campus, anxious about all the work, heartbroken about leaving my stupid dogs). Here, are some uplifting corners of the web I’d like to share during this crazy week:


Stanford Professor Maryam Mirzakhani became the first female mathematician to be given the Fields medal, which is considered by some math’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize this week.

10 Quotes from 10 celebs on positive body image.

Pauly Bleeker/ Michael Cera dropped a secret album because that’s what people do now.


I loved this movie and I’m not proud of it

I am a big advocate for the rule for dressing for a body type (wear whatever the f*q you want) but I still found these style tips for short curvy girls (holla) helpful.

For all the good it does, running is no substitute for therapy.

Learning to Cope


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Stress is inevitable, and we all find ways of coping with stress. Some coping strategies are better than others, and some just manage to make stress worse over time.




I have several unhealthy coping mechanisms. Sometimes I stress eat.




Sometimes I eat too little. Sometimes I drink too much caffeine. I’ve mostly given up chewing fingernails. Sometimes I just shut down and don’t deal with people.


the obvious solution

the obvious solution


These are really unhealthy habits, and do nothing to help my situation.


With school coming up next week, I am going to try to implement some healthy coping mechanisms in my life.
I want to write in my notebook more. It always makes me feel better, but for some reason I put it off.



I would like to blog and write. It’s a creative outlet that I enjoy, and flexes a different part of my brain.



I will exercise. The gym is free, the neighborhood’s are runner friendly, and blogilates is pretty cool. Endorphins, make you happy, and happy people don’t kill their husbands.



I’ll call someone. My mom, dad, home best friend, someone who will understand and help me feel better.



And I’ll make lists. I just love making lists.



What are some of your favorite healthy ways to cope with stress? How did you overcome unhealthy habits?

Robin Williams


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Robin Williams was one of the most genuinely talented and humorous individuals alive. I am so sad for his family and for everyone who felt his influence (which is most people I know).

It’s tough to say why we take the death of celebrities so personally. The loss of this comic genius has hit me especially hard. Maybe it is because my father is close to the same age, or because I have felt the ache that is clinical depression in my past. Whatever the reason, it seems so wrong to think that this man, who everyone had heard of, who was a part of so many people’s childhood memories, is no longer alive.

There is not much to really say. You never know what is happening inside another human being. Be kind to one another. Listen. Take care of yourselves.


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